A2 Desi Cow Milk

Milk is considered as “Complete Food” as it contains all the nutrients required by our body. It is an essential element for a balanced diet. It gives you strength and ensures overall good health of yours. Therefore, it is important to make sure your family consume quality milk everyday.
Now you don’t have to worry, you’re at right place!
Shi Dairy supply A2 quality milk which is obtained from cows of Indian origin. A2 cow milk is gaining preference for it’s various health benefits. It maintains our digestive system, prevent diabetes, obesity, thyroid and helps to improve immune system of our body. Our farm make sure that the milk is fresh, pure, hygienic and free from preservatives or chemicals. Your safety is in our hands! Thus, select the right choice.

Desi Ghee

Desi ghee is our own Indian invention. It has been nurturing every Indian meal for a countless number of generations. It has occupied an indispensable place in our eating habits.
Shi dairy supply desi ghee purely obtained from A2 quality milk which is accurately fresh, unadulterated with no preservatives added to it. Pure and fresh Desi ghee procured from our farms play a crucial role in maintaining good cholesterol and facilitates better digestion. It is also the powerhouse of vitamin A, E, D and essential amino acid.
Hence enhance the nutritional value and flavour of your each dish with Shi dairy desi ghee.

Butter Milk

Butter milk always make us feel cool and delighted especially in summers. Besides that it also have some amazing benefits. A glass of buttermilk prevents acidity and constipation, reduces cholesterol, helps in digestion and it is a good source of essential vitamins, minerals and calcium.

Shi dairy supplies Quality products which are pure and rich in nutrients. So, enrich your family with all these benefits of buttermilk. Keep yourself refreshing!


Curd is often used as an accompaniment with all the traditional meals in India. It has high nutritional value and have favorable impact on health. Shi Dairy supplies curd made up of pure and standard quality milk. Natural immunity is strengthen by the curd. It is considered as a better supplement of milk and aids smooth digestion. You can find all these benefits in 100% assured curd of Shi Dairy.


Ice-cream is always everyone’s favorite! Shi Dairy produces pure, unadulterated ice- cream, with no harmful preservatives or artificial colors added to it. We are focused on using pure milk and natural ingredients. Shi dairy endeavors to provide healthy products with rich taste.


A creamy topping can make your dish more relishing! It can be used in variety of dishes like cupcakes, fruit cream, cakes, banana pie, etc. Our company manufactures delicious, smooth, pure, unsullied cream which can be used in number of foodstuffs.

So, make your meals mouth- watering with Shi Dairy and it’s products.