Welcome to Shi Dairy Farm!

Milk is the morning booster of every day’s life. So, it ought to be pure and refreshing. Shi Dairy produces A2 fresh Desi cow milk which is procured from the indigenous cow breed at our farm. It ensures superior quality milk which is one hundred percent pure, hygienic, unadulterated and refined. It helps in reducing acidity, prevent obesity, improves immunity, memory as well as is easy to digest.
Enhance the nutritional value of your entire family with Shi Dairy and it’s products.

Our Farm Creates
A2 Desi Cow Milk

Shi Dairy aims to supply A2 Quality milk and it’s products procured from Indian Desi Cow breed. A2 quality milk is the best one can have with numerous benefits. Our company also offers a wide range of milk products including desi ghee, buttermilk, ice-cream, curd, etc.

Pure and Healthy Desi Cow Milk

Your health and well-being is our first priority. Therefore, our motive is to provide standard Quality milk and it’s products which are pure, fresh and unadulterated. Everything processed here is clean, hygienic and organic.

We always endeavor to fulfil customer’s expectations. We give our 100% assurance of Quality product. Now, your safety is in our hands! So, Enrich your entire family with the benefits of Shi dairy milk and it’s products

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