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A2 Desi Cow Ghee &
Gir Cow Milk

Milk is the morning booster of every day’s life. So, it ought to be pure and refreshing. Shi Dairy produces A2 fresh Desi cow milk which is procured from the indigenous cow breed at our farm. It ensures superior quality milk which is one hundred percent pure, hygienic, unadulterated and refined. It helps in reducing acidity, prevent obesity, improves immunity, memory as well as is easy to digest.

Enhance the nutritional value of your entire family with Shi Dairy and it’s products.

Our Aim

Shudh Desi Product has started with the aim to fulfil the need of pure, best quality and adulteration free food products at your doorstep. As we all know the adulteration taking place around us. Each and every product today is adulterated and mixed & made of chemicals. which are unhygienic and unhealthy. we collect the best quality raw materials and products directly from the farmers and process them in a natural and hygienic environment with best quality assurance….

Why Choose Us ?

आज की भाग दौड़ भरी जिंदगी में हमारा ध्यान शुद्धता से पूरा हट चुका है। हम क्या खा रहे हैं क्या पी रहे हैं। इस चीज से हमारा कोई सम्बन्ध ही नही रहा । हमारा हर उत्पाद पूरी तरह प्रकृति पद्धति से बनाया जाता है जो सिर्फ गांव में ही निर्मित होता हैं क्योकि गांव का वातावरण बहुत शुद्ध होता है। हम अपने कंपनी में प्रोडक्ट हाथों से ही बनाते है। इसमे किसी प्रकार की कोई मशीन का उपयोग नहीं होता है, और यह हमारे देश की बहुत पुरानी सभ्यता भी रही हैं। ये प्रोडक्ट हमारे शरीर के लिए बहुत ही लाभदायक है। जो मिलावट व केमिकल की दुनिया से कोसो दूर है। हमारी यह प्राथमिकता हैं। हमारा यही प्रयत्न हैं कि आप तक शुद्ध से शुद्ध प्रोडक्ट पहुँचते रहे ताकि आप और आपका परिवार हमेशा स्वस्थ रहे क्योकि वर्तमान मार्केट की स्थिति बहुत ही खराब हो चुकी हैं। हर जगह मिलावट का खेल धड़ल्ले से चल रहा है। अब हमें स्वयं सोचना होगा कि क्या सही हैं क्या गलत हैं। …बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद |

Organic Milk Products

Healthy milk from healthy cows. Our milk is free from preservatives and additives. Similarly, we don’t give our cows any growth hormones, ensuring pure milk, without any chemicals.

100% Fresh

A2 Desi Cow Milk

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Desi Ghee

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We care for your health! Our products are based on high quality milk obtained from pure desi cow breed. Our milk and its products are utterly hygienic, unadulterated, free from preservatives, chemicals and other impurities. It is safe and reliable for all members of your family. It will keep your baby protected from infections and on the other hand gives strength to the elders of the family. You can completely rely on us for safe and secure Quality products.

Environmentally friendly

SHI Dairy farms ensures 100% organic products. Our farms are entirely based on eco-friendly process. We do not let wastage of any of the by-product. We have adopted the 3R method. Everything is consumed in one or the other way. As cow urine is immensely used for medicinal purposes, cow-dung for fuel, production of bio-gas and also enriches the soil fertility. In this way all the resources are utilized wisely.

A2 Desi Cow Ghee | A2 Desi Cow Milk - Shi Dairy Farms

100% Organic Products

Recommended for babies

High Quality Raw Milk

No Hormons Injections to Cows

Fodder for Cows grown at the farms

No pesticides or fertilizer to grow grass


Our Dairy Farm

Our farms are developed with conglomerate facilities for quality indigenous cow breeds. Our farms are clean, hygienic and comfortable with enough of space for cows. We feed our cows fodder which is full of nutrients with plenty of minerals and proteins. The process of obtaining products from the quality milk obtained is highly mechanized and free from impurities. This eco-friendly environment enables to produce standard milk and its products.

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Our Organic Food

Shi Dairy guarantee pure and organic products. Milk obtained is of A2 Quality from desi cows. These cows are fed nutrious food which maintains it’s overall health. High quality products are manufactured form this standard quality milk.

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Meet Our Cows

Cows are considered sacred mother in our tradition. Our farm has desi cow breed which secure A2 quality milk everyday. Our cows are nourished with nutritional fodder , no hormonal injections or antibiotics are given to them which improves overall health of our cows as well as enable them to produce quality milk. They are also nurtured with love and care which are essential elements for produce.

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